10 Things We Want To See In Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

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Zelda, doing stuff

Since Nintendo refuses to ask the question, “What would Link do?” if Zelda was the playable character, I’d pose another one for them: What will Zelda do? Speculation is that her voice is the one Link wakes up to, but if we’re dealing with another captured princess, or one sitting lazily in a dungeon guarding a Triforce piece, it will be an enormous waste of potential. Let’s give Princess Zelda some of the spotlight this time around and let her play a greater role in Link’s quest.

I’d love to see her as a temporary or optional companion, as I talked about on the previous page. She could use her magic and light arrows to help Link in combat from a distance. Perhaps she could play an active role in a boss fight as she often does with Ganondorf. It would even be more interesting if we simply heard about her engaged in activities other than standing around and princess-ing. Her tenure as a pirate is the most active Zelda has been so far–and arguably the most interesting. Whatever Zelda happens to be up to in Breath of the Wild’s world, I want her to be more than just an inciting incident and quest-giver.

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