10 Things We Want To See In Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

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legend of zelda breath of the wild
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Cuccos aside, there’s a part of the Wind Waker timeline theory that I love–it means the Rito might be involved somehow. If you somehow missed Wind Waker, let me enlighten you: in that timeline, the Zora evolved into flying humanoids called the Rito, making their home on Dragon Roost Island and drawing protection and power from the sky spirit Valoo. The Rito not only look and act cooler than the Zora ever did, but they have one of the best musical themes in any Zelda game:

I am intensely proud of the Wind Waker for managing not to include the series’ quintessential water people in a game that was 90% ocean (they did manage to squeeze in a crude parody of a water temple, though). We haven’t seen the Rito in a game since then, so it’s about time the bird people make an appearance once again. We’ve already seen Koroks–bring back their Wind Waker counters and let’s return to Dragon Roost Island in this new, transformed Hyrule.

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