10 Characters Who Should Be In Injustice 2

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#3. Vibe

I get why Vibe wasn’t included in the first Injustice game. Despite numerous reinventions, he’s still considered somewhat of a joke character because while extremely powerful, Vibe often gets more notice for his sweet breakdancing abilities. From the 80s. And he gets killed off all the goddamned time. Still, when Amanda Waller thinks you are potentially the most powerful superhuman on the planet, maybe you should get a little more respect, and one way would be to be an awesome part of the roster of Injustice 2.

As for how Vibe would work as a fighter, it really wouldn’t be that hard to incorporate his soundwave powers into a viable fighting style; he could even cause quakes that really shake up opponents and knock them off balance. With Cisco Ramon/Vibe being more popular than ever thanks to The Flash TV Show, I think this is just too good an opportunity to pass up for Injustice 2.

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