10 Characters Who Should Be In Injustice 2

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#4. Huntress

A key member of the awesome Birds of Prey team, and a standout combatant. Huntress seems like a pretty natural fit for a fighting game. But I can see why she wasn’t included in the original Injustice game. In a lot of ways, having Huntress in a game wouldn’t be a whole lot different than Batman, which would just be redundant. She’d be a very physical gadget-based fighter, arguably with a much more lethal edge, though, as she is very willing to kill her enemies.

But having somebody on the roster who’s basically a female Batman sporting a quarterstaff and maybe even a crossbow doesn’t sound like a such a bad idea to me. Huntress is a long-running character in DC comics who probably doesn’t get quite as much recognition as she should and obviously having a couple more capable female fighters added to the roster for Injustice 2 would be a great idea.

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