10 Characters Who Should Be In Injustice 2

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#9. Black Canary

It’s kind of surprising that a character like Black Canary wasn’t in the first Injustice game. She’s an incredibly talented martial artist who has a scream that can literally explode your head if she does it for too long. Doesn’t that seem tailor-made for a dark DC fighting game by the same dudes who brought you the Mortal Kombat series? It’s such an obvious fit that hopefully they’ll rectify in Injustice 2. She can easily go with the best fighters already on the roster like Batman, and her scream gives her an obvious edge in combat.

If Black Canary is brought on for Injustice 2, I hope they incorporate her latest status quo from the comics and make her a kind of music-themed character since currently she is the leader of a band. You could come up with all kinds of fun music-based attacks involving instruments and if you really want to go notes maybe even musical notes. Hell her finisher could be a short rhythm-based deal. It would be an opportunity to put a truly unique character like virtually no other in the game, and that would be pretty awesome.

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