10 Characters Who Should Be In Injustice 2

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#10. Etrigan The Demon

Bottom line, magic is a very important part of the DC Universe, and it didn’t get enough representation in the first Injustice game, which only had Zatanna. Etrigan is a demon of immense power and can do all kinds of cool stuff without any need for super pills or gear. And since he is a being of immense magical power, he can easily go toe-to-toe with Superman, who is naturally weak to magic. He’s a natural brawler who would probably work best up close, but can fire energy blasts as well.

Arguably a great way to handle Etrigan in the game and also give him a little more balance would be to also have his human host, Jason Blood. Like maybe they represent different fighting styles (because Blood is also highly trained in combat and adept with magic), or Etrigan could simply be a super Blood user. Your meter gets filled, and you become the virtually unstoppable Etrigan for a limited time. Either way, Etrigan/Jason Blood would be a very proper and welcome addition for Injustice 2.

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