15 Hero Wishlist for Heroes Of The Storm

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Ragnaros the Firelord
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Ragnaros the Firelord

Ragnaros is another very iconic villain from World of Warcraft, making his first appearance as a boss in the Molten Core instance and was one of the first raid bosses in the entire game. In Warcraft lore, Ragnaros is the master fire elemental wielding his giant mace Sulfuras. He originally ruled from within the fires of Blackrock Mountain, while he now plots against the races of Azeroth from within Sulfuran Keep in the Firelands.

Ragnaros would make for a great warrior hero in Heroes of the Storm due to his massive size and melee damaging abilities. Since he doesn’t have any legs and is usually shown in a pool of lava, how to handle his movement could make for an interesting mechanic. For moving around the map, I envision him having very slow movement speed, leaving a temporary damaging trail of fire on the ground. His primary movement ability could be similar to Dehaka’s burrow where he drills into the ground and can emerge anywhere else on the map in a fiery pool. This ability would need a decently long cooldown timer, but could be an interesting take on warrior mobility.

His giant mace could perform damaging attacks with knock backs and incorporate fire damage over time or area of effect abilities. Every time an enemy auto attacks Ragnaros they could take a small amount of fire damage, making players think more about which hero they are targeting. He could have the ability to summon a swarm of small fire elementals, or put a damage over time spell similar to Molten Seed that spawns an elemental when the debuff ends.

Ragnaros suffers from the same issue as Deathwing in regards to his size. As a raid boss, he is a behemoth elemental and would have to be drastically scaled down to be playable. I think Ragnaros artistically lends himself well to this kind of change, however. As iconic of a character as he is in Warcraft lore, I would consider him a must-add hero.

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