15 Hero Wishlist for Heroes Of The Storm

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Hearthstone Innkeeper
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The Innkeeper

Also known as Harth Stonebrew, the Innkeeper from Blizzard’s digital trading card game Hearthstone could make a unique addition to the Heroes of the Storm roster. Besides acting as the voice-over commentator for Hearthstone matches, little is known about this energetic dwarf. Blizzard teased the Innkeeper on their presentation graphic of heroes they are considering adding into the game at the Heroes of the Storm 2015 Blizzcon panel. While Hearthstone is very tied to the Warcraft universe, the Innkeeper would be the first hero taken directly from that game.

The Innkeeper’s abilities would have to be extremely unique and out-of-the-box, especially since we know little to nothing about his background. A few ideas include throwing cards in a line at enemies, or an area of effect spell involving mana crystals. A potential trait could be that there is no cooldown on your hearth ability, or gaining the ability to get an instant hearth every couple of minutes. One ultimate that I think would be awesome would be a stun involving an animation where a table popups up with a Hearthstone board, and both the Innkeeper and an enemy are forced to sit at the table for the duration of the stun. This could act as a crowd control ability similar to Stasis where both players involved are immune.

Incorporating the Innkeeper into Heroes will require some very innovative abilities and mechanics but the potential is definitely there. As a big Hearthstone fan, I would love to see this make it into the game, if only for the awesome character sound clips. If they incorporate the exclamation the Innkeeper makes when you obtain a legendary card, that alone will sell the character for me.