15 Hero Wishlist for Heroes Of The Storm

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Rory Swann

Rory Swann is the former chief engineer of the Hyperion, Raynor’s battlecruiser from the Starcraft series. As shown in the above image, Swann lost his left arm which was replaced by a mechanical claw. Throughout the story in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Swann usually is stationed up on the Hyperion. When he does appear in combat, he can deploy a Flaming Betty cannon that deals damage to minion waves.

I envision Rory Swann as a specialist with both ranged and melee auto attacks. As an engineer, it would make sense for him to be able to repair and upgrade structures and towers. However, unlike the previously discussed Karax, interacting with towers and forts will not be his primary usage. I envision Swann having a playstyle similar to a mix of Gazlow and Torbjörn from Overwatch. Players will have to collect scrap resources that drop from enemies that can then be used to build and upgrade turrets.

His typical play style could involve running around with a small robotic exoskeleton while he assists in clearing waves and gathering resources, dealing ranged damage with a gun and melee damage with his claw arm. He then can spend these resources to build Flaming Betty turrets, which can be repaired and upgraded to act differently based on talent selections.

One hero that has frequently been requested, and confirmed to be under consideration, is a Firebat (shown in a graphic of considered heroes at the Heroes of the Storm 2015 Blizzcon panel). Firebats are essentially armored infantry meant for up-close combat. I think it would make sense to use Firebats as an ultimate ability for a hero like Rory Swann instead of making them into their own playable hero. He can summon 1-2 Firebat infantry to fight for him, and these units act similar to his turrets in that they are both upgradable and repairable.

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