15 Hero Wishlist for Heroes Of The Storm

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Karax hails from the Starcraft universe, in which he is a Protoss phase-smith specializing in weapons, ships, and armor. Karax is shorter than most Protoss, and his armor has additional functional arms as shown in the above artwork. As a playable hero unit in Legacy of the Void, he can take control of all robotic structures and units, create phase cannons, and utilize energy fields to protect and give power to friendly structures.

One ability that is not extremely prevalent in Heroes of the Storm is the ability to interact with your friendly towers. Lt. Morales, Abathur, Tyrande, Malfurion, and Tassadar all have the Calldown: MULE ability, which creates a little robotic unit that repairs structures and replenishes a tower’s ammo for 40 seconds. However, this is a talent that is usually not selected in most builds due to the importance of other talents in that same tier (such as Malfurion generally selecting Cleanse over MULE). I envision Karax’s play style revolving around this type of interaction but with both ally and enemy towers.

As a melee specialist, Karax could have an ability that repairs friendly towers similar to a MULE but more efficiently and on a shorter cooldown timer. He could have an ability that creates a pylon that emits an area of effect damaging wave, similar to Rehgar’s totems (and also use this audio). One potential ultimate ability could allow Karax to take control of an enemy tower for a short period, forcing it to attack other enemy structures or heroes. Or he could assemble a phase cannon akin to Tychus’ Laser Drill that only can attack enemy turrets. The ability to shield structures could also come into play and be extremely useful when defending forts against an enemy push. These types of abilities could provide interesting new ways to interact with structures and towers that have yet to see much usage in Heroes of the Storm.

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