15 Hero Wishlist for Heroes Of The Storm

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Prophet Velen
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Prophet Velen

Draenei are one of the two World of Warcraft races not currently represented in Heroes, and what more iconic of a Draeneic figure than Prophet Velen. As one of the first Draenei and their longtime leader, Velen led his people through their fight against the Burning Legion and pledged his support to the Alliance faction. Gifted with the power of the Light, Velen is one of the most notable priests in the Warcraft universe.

Due to the healing ability of priests, Velen is a great candidate as a support hero in Heroes of the Storm (which is also one of the least represented hero classes in the game). His abilities in World of Warcraft include the damage dealing knockback Holy Blast, an AoE spell Holy Nova, a single target damage spell Holy Smite, an AoE heal Prayer of Healing, and a debuff spell Staff Strike, which increases damage done to the target. I think more heroes need buffing and debuffing abilities, and an ability like Staff Strike could help fill that void.

While a lot of his spells are very typical World of Warcraft priest spells, I think the addition of a new healing mechanic is needed to make Velen a unique addition to Heroes. Similar to priest’s Lightwell ability, perhaps Velen’s ultimate could create a temporary clickable healing well. This would cut down on time running back to wells or hearthing, and especially useful in the late game when most of your team’s wells have been destroyed. A mind control ability, such as Mind Games, could be a viable crowd control ability for Velen while fitting in with his archetype.

I think support needs a lot of love in Heroes right now, especially considering they are considered a must-have in most team compositions. Velen can provide some interested abilities to provide more variety for support heroes while still tying in with his lore.

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