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Alarak hails from the Starcraft universe, making his first appearance in the Legacy of the Void expansion of Starcraft II. Alarak is a Protoss, similar to existing heroes Artanis, Zeratul, and Tassador. In Starcraft lore, he is a highlord (the highest rank) of the Tal’darim, a violent and war-like faction of the Protoss and are generally barbaric in nature. Alarak is known for being cunning and manipulative, acting with little respect for neither his enemies or his allies.

As a playable unit in Legacy of the Void, Alarak has a few abilities that lend himself well to being a melee assassin in Heroes of the Storm. He has an area of attack ability called Destruction Wave that blasts nearby enemies with psionic energy, knocking them back a short distance. He additionally has a charge attack called Deadly Charge, which could act similar to Butcher’s Ruthless Onslaught. Additionally, Alarak has a Soul Absorption ability in which he gains health and a small shield when a nearby unit is killed. Members of the Tal’darim are known for their use of terrazine gas, which could tie into an ability to increase his powers for a short period of time.

Among the assassins in the current Heroes of the Storm lineup, melee assassins are clearly outnumbered by ranged. An additional heavy hitting melee attacker could add more variety to damage dealers while not being a full-on tank. I think Alarak could play similar to Butcher or Sonya in that they are not super tanky characters but have a high health pool and cause a serious threat in the front lines.

Adding an ability or mechanic that focuses on absorbing health from nearby enemies as opposed to directly attacking them could add an interesting twist to dealing damage. Or maybe to relate to his disrespect for anyone but himself, some of his more powerful attacks can actually do friendly fire damage to nearby allies if you aren’t careful.

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