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Last but not least is the mighty orc warlock Gul’dan from the World of Warcraft. Gul’dan became the first orc warlock after betraying his people to follow the demon-lord Kil’jaeden, and was directly responsible for the demonic enslavement of the orcs after convincing them to drink fel blood. He was a primary antagonist in the recent Warlords of Draenor expansion, and will continue to play a major part in the upcoming Legion expansion. It would come to no surprise if Gul’dan was introduced into Heroes of the Storm as a promotional tie-in to the expansion launch. He has already been confirmed as a future hero by the Heroes development team.

Warlocks in the Warcraft universe practice dark fel-based magic and are known to summon demonic minions, utilize damage over time spells, and use their own health as a resource. Giving Gul’dan the ability to summon different demons as controllable pets (similar to Rexxar and Misha) would add a new mechanic that no other ranged assassin hero has. Including a mechanic that utilizes his own health as a resource, whether that be to regain mana or to deal extra powerful damaging abilities would also provide another layer of strategy to playing Gul’dan. One possible heroic ability could be similar to Fel Rage. This ability could act similar to Lt. Morale’s Stim Drone, but also would be castable on Gul’dan himself. The target would do increased damage during the duration of this buff.

With Gul’dan, it is more a matter of when he will become playable as opposed to if he will become playable. Warlocks have a lot of interesting abilities with health draining mechanics and destruction spells that could add a unique and potentially difficult play style to the game. Even though there are already a plethora of ranged assassin heroes, Gul’dan has a lot of potential to being a very powerful and fun hero to play with, and I look forward to his addition to the Nexus!

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