15 Hero Wishlist for Heroes Of The Storm

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Winston Overwatch
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Besides Tracer, Winston is probably the most well-known character from Overwatch. Winston is a genetically engineered gorilla and a brilliant scientist with a lot of personality. But if you make him angry, he can turn an internal switch on that turns him into a full-on raging monkey, King Kong style. In Overwatch, Winston is a highly mobile tank hero that wrecks havoc on the enemy front lines, forcing the opponents to focus him down. His abilities translate well to being a warrior in Heroes of the Storm.

Winston’s primary weapon is a Tesla Cannon that fires a short-range electric beam. No other warrior hero has a gun, which would provide new variety to that hero class. Winston is highly mobile and can jump into the air using his jet pack, stunning enemies when he lands. His main defensive skill is a bubble-shaped shield barrier that has its own health pool and absorbs all damage, protecting allies within it. His ultimate ability is an enrage called Primal Rage that increases his movement and attack speed. While Winston is in this form, he becomes very hard to kill, but he can only use melee attacks and his jumping ability. An additional knockback or throw ability to displace enemy heroes could also be a valuable addition to his skill set.

Winston would be one of the most mobile warrior heroes in Heroes of the Storm and a force to deal with. While unable to do much direct damage, his ability to cause havoc while enraged along with his shielding ability would be extremely beneficial when capturing map objectives. There are a lot of parallels between Winston and Muradin, and I think a defining ability involving Winston’s engineering gadgets could provide a unique characteristic to distinguish the two better.

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