15 Hero Wishlist for Heroes Of The Storm

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Diablo Druid
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Druid (Diablo II)

Throughout the past year, Heroes of the Storm has added characters that represent every playable class in Diablo III as well as the Necromancer class from Diablo II (represented by Xul). The next class that many people have been asking for is the Druid from Diablo II, who would probably be given a name similar to the other class heroes. Within the Diablo universe, druids have a variety of different abilities, including elemental magic, summoning skills, and shape shifting.

What I would like to see from a Druid class is the ability for the player to select their shapeshifting form to meet the needs of the team composition. The Druid would start out as both a ranged and melee damage dealer with a spear. They would have both magic damage-dealing abilities along with abilities that make use of summoning animals for help, such as birds to gain vision. Upon reaching level 10, instead of a heroic ability, the player gets to pick what their new form is going to be: Werewolf (damage), Werebear (tank), or a Treeform (support). This will be their shapeshifting form they will have to stick with the rest of the game. Initially, I thought it would be really interesting to allow Druids to switch between all three forms at will, but giving one hero that much flexibility would probably be overpowered.

As a high skill class, a Druid could really shift the game in your favor. Often when playing a match, especially in Quick Match, there are scenarios when you realize that your team composition is not an ideal counter to the opposing team. The druid can then select the form that helps the team fill whatever gap is needed and hopefully even out the match. This hero would have a very high skill cap as they essentially need to know how to play three different character types and be willing to choose the most needed form.

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