15 Hero Wishlist for Heroes Of The Storm

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Lucio Overwatch
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Lúcio is a unique support character from Overwatch who uses sound waves to provide buffs to your allies. Wearing roller blades and equipped with a sound wave gun, Lúcio continuously energizes all of his teammates around him as opposed to directly involving in combat. Similar to Tracer and the previously discussed Reaper, I think Lúcio’s abilities from Overwatch will translate almost directly into Heroes of the Storm.

His sound wave gun has two songs (modes): one that heals nearby allies, and another than gives nearby allies increased movement speed. The range at which this is effective requires Lúcio to be right up in the fight with everyone else, not hiding in the back lines. He also has an ability called Amp It Up that increases the effectiveness of these buffs. In addition to buffing allies, he can also shoot out a burst of sonic projectiles at enemies with his gun when necessary. His ultimate, Sound Barrier, provides all nearby allies with their own personal protective shields. Another potential ultimate could provide a third song mode for his wave gun that operates on a cooldown timer. This song could provide all nearby allies increased attack power, providing a huge buff in team fight situations at the cost of no healing.

Support is the archetype with the least number of heroes available, and I think Lúcio is a great candidate to provide a different type of support gameplay. While there are other heroes that do passive area of effect healing (Brightwing), the ability to switch if you are providing healing or another buff could provide some great situational uses. I would also imagine Lúcio having great mobility since he is wearing roller skates, and have some additional movement abilities for him to stay within range of his team while healing them.

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