15 Hero Wishlist for Heroes Of The Storm

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With Blizzard’s newest game Overwatch set for release on May 24th, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing more characters from that universe get added into Heroes of the Storm. The fact that Overwatch characters have a similar number of abilities as the characters in Heroes makes the transition between games relatively smooth, as was shown when they introduced Tracer. Picking which of the other characters they will add is hard to predict. Personally, I think Reaper would make an excellent choice as a deadly close-range assassin with great ambush and mobility potential.

Reaper can move through the playing field in Wraith Form, which turns him into a shadow for a short time. While active, this ability makes him completely invulnerable and able to pass through enemies but unable to attack. He can also teleport to a marked location, making it easy to both ambush enemies or run away from them. Just in case dealing with a Zeratul or Nova wasn’t fun enough for you, Reaper can be an additional ambush threat a team would have to deal with.

Reaper wields dual shotguns which are most effective at close range. Combined with his movement abilities, he is built to sneak up and gank enemies, then slip way before they can react. His ultimate ability, Death Blossom, is a massive area of effect damage ability where Reaper spins around quickly firing his shotguns, taking out nearby enemies. This is extremely effective in confined, close ranged spaces such as when an enemy is trying to capture an objective point or take a siege camp.

Caught out in the open, Reaper can be very vulnerable and should have a relatively small health pool. His passive ability which allows him to collect “souls” of fallen enemies to heal himself is a potential hero trait that gives him some sustainability. I imagine he will play as sort of a mix between Tracer and Zeratul with his arsenal of mobility abilities and the ability to effectively ambush enemies. I think adding in a mechanic that increases his damage the closer he is to the target would be interesting since he can technically shoot his shotguns from afar. This makes him sort of a hybrid ranged and melee assassin character that provides variety to the very distinct assassin types we already have.

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