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Blizzard continues to steadily increase the number of playable heroes in Heroes of the Storm. With a number of lore-driven and expansive games to draw from, the potential hero pool is expansive and exciting.

Blizzard recently announced the addition of two new playable heroes into Heroes of the Storm: Chromie and Medivh from the Warcraft universe. This continues the trend we have seen over the past year and a half of Dustin Browder and the Heroes development team steadily releasing new heroes about once a month. These frequent updates have kept matches fresh and interesting while also helping the relatively new MOBA play catch-up with its established peers in the genre. Heroes of the Storm has only 52 heroes (including the two recently announced) compared to 130 in League of Legends and 111 in Dota 2.

Since the game’s release, long wishlists of heroes have been created by hopeful fans wanting to see their favorite characters fight in the Nexus. With all of the expansive and story-driven games in Blizzard’s arsenal, there is anything but a shortage of potential heroes to add into the game. Matthew Cooper, senior game designer for Heroes, confirmed in an interview with Red Bull eSports that they do have a list of potential heroes and that “it’s literally a list of 200-plus characters.”

I think any Heroes of the Storm fan would kill to get a peek at that list, but all we can do is speculate who they will add next. With the upcoming release of Overwatch, will we be getting more heroes from that universe coming into the Nexus? Or will they continue to add more iconic Warcraft characters? Keep reading for my wishlist of 15 heroes I hope to see eventually make it into the craziness that is the Nexus.

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