5 Ways Animal Crossing Mobile Could Pair With Console

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Take a villager for a stroll

One of the coolest ideas for a peripheral, in my opinion, was the PokeWalker bundled with Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This little pedometer allowed your Pokemon to gain experience, pick up items, and encounter wild foes while you walked with it, even away from your DS. A similar feature could work for villagers on an Animal Crossing Mobile game. Before shutting down the Wii U version, you could invite a villager to go for a walk with you, which would transfer them to your mobile device. Then, you could see them and chat with them on your tablet or smartphone as you traveled.

Villagers could pick up items, and perhaps even comment on real-world locations of interest via a Map application, or the weather, via a similar method. Their friendship would rise the longer you took them for a stroll, and unique conversations would occur that could only happen via the app. Perhaps these villagers could even interact with other villagers on other devices when you passed by them, holding a conversation and exchanging items and information. How cool would that be? When you returned home, the villager would then tell the other animals in town about his or her walk and experiences, and maybe even send a thank-you letter when it was all done.

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