5 Ways Animal Crossing Mobile Could Pair With Console

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Share everything

We’ve already talked about sending letters, items, and experiences. Why not share your entire town? The Dream Suite in Animal Crossing: New Leaf was all well and good, but what if you could share your town with others through connecting with other mobile devices, too? Or perhaps through a QR code you carried around with you on your device? Animal Crossing mobile couldn’t hold your “actual” town, of course, because that would open the door to destructive strangers. Instead, a Dream version that they could visit exactly once and take as much fruit or goodies from as they wanted.

That may sound a little out there, though, so let me propose a simpler solution. Use the same system to share items or villagers that have moved out of town. When a villager moves out, you will get a chance to send them to your mobile device, and then transfer them to a friend’s or stranger’s should you encounter them. A similar system could work for items–load the item before you shut down Animal Crossing on NX, and take it with you to share with someone you meet. It would be a great way to forge connections and swap villagers, ensuring that no individual’s town was truly an island.

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