5 Ways Animal Crossing Mobile Could Pair With Console

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An island vacation

Okay, maybe not an island specifically, but one of the excellent new additions to Animal Crossing: New Leaf was the ability to play minigames with friends on an island. What if that particular aspect of gameplay was moved to mobile? You could have fishing contests, hide and seek, fruit picking, flower planting, and all manner of competitions within the world of Animal Crossing anywhere, anytime, with good friends or with strangers you pass in the street. The touchscreen of a smartphone or tablet would be more than enough to control a character’s movement and perform the basic actions required in the New Leaf minigames, and could even be used to add some complexity to fishing or bug catching.

Of course, ideally, you’d get rewarded for victories, whether with in-game items or in Nintendo’s currency that could be spent on in-game rewards of your choosing. Those rewards would then travel back to the full console game and be waiting for you when you booted up the game again. Such a system would motivate players both to play Animal Crossing mobile while away from their Nintendo NX, but also to turn on the system regularly for prizes.

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