5 Ways Animal Crossing Mobile Could Pair With Console

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Paint the town

Another fun activity in Animal Crossing I wouldn’t mind taking on the go is the design aspect. If the mobile version wanted to allow me to create patterns while I was out and about (or even base patterns on photos taken from my device), and then upload them to the game, I would easily take the time to meticulously design more patterns that I ever have before. Such a function would also allow for easier design sharing between friends you met throughout the day who also had the app. Could this connect with the mail service mentioned above and allow me to mail my designs to friends? Perhaps!

To take this a step further, what if I could rearrange my in-game house from Animal Crossing mobile, or purchase and place furniture that would then be there, waiting for me, when I loaded up the console game next? Or perhaps even use my designs to recolor or create new pieces of furniture to send to my house and use later? Happy Home Designer nailed the mechanics of furniture arrangement, so anything less on a console would be a disappointment, but a less complex mobile version would be just perfect. The sky’s the limit with design in Animal Crossing, and being able to deck out my home while on the go would free up time in-game to show off my snazzy new pad to my neighbors.

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