10 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games That Should Be Backwards Compatible

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#3. Bayonetta

I think most recognize by now that Bayonetta was one of the most over-looked action games of the last generation. Arguably more stylish and definitely bigger on the over-the-top action than similar games like Devil May Cry or God of War, but not getting nearly the same amount of success. It also definitely features a more interesting protagonist in Bayonetta herself, with far more interesting enemies. Alas, it is the common tale of yet another Platinum Games title that while incredibly awesome, was widely ignored when it came to people actually buying it.

And no matter how much Microsoft or Sony fanboys whine about it, Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t exist if not for Nintendo, so it’s likely never coming to another console. There’s not much more to say except that Bayonetta‘s amazing mix of action, insane bosses, and weapons and pure fun should not be locked to the last console generation or to the nearly dead Wii U (I say that as someone who bought a Wii U at launch and have enjoyed many titles on it). At the least, make the original backwards compatible so some more people can enjoy it.

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