10 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games That Should Be Backwards Compatible

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Shadows Of The Damned
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#5. Shadows Of The Damned

Grasshopper Manufacture and Platinum Games might as well be the same company in some aspects. They both make weird, mostly highly-acclaimed action titles that almost no one buys. The main difference is that Grasshopper Manufacture definitely generally takes a more mature slant (Bayonetta notwithstanding). Games like Killer 7, No More Heroes, and arguably the coolest and most stylish action game of the last generation almost nobody played, Shadows Of The Damned.

Shadows Of The Damned‘s story is simple enough. Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by the Lord Of Demons, and you need to rescue her. But then it gets really and wonderfully weird. You get a talking gun named “Johnson” (yeah, they humor isn’t subtle in this game) that can also turn into a torch and a motorcycle. It’s an action game but features puzzles that aren’t terrible. It has wild, wacky boss battles. The closest thing I could describe it to is someone taking the spirit of a movie like Evil Dead 2 and incorporating it into a video game in the most wonderful way. If that sounds awesome to you (and it should), hope that Shadows Of The Damned becomes backwards compatible sometime soon.

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