10 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games That Should Be Backwards Compatible

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Eternal Sonata
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#7. Eternal Sonata

Jrpgs were in a weird place at the start of the last generation of consoles, and I’m still not sure they have completely figured things out over a decade later. But at least Eternal Sonata really tried a different idea. It takes you inside the head of legendary classic composer Frederic Chopin hours before his death of tuberculosis. It imagines that Chopin’s last hours were spent in an imaginary land inspired by his life and music. It features a pretty unique battle system, fantastic music, and some great characters. The overall melancholy tone (spoilers, Chopin dies and presumably takes the imaginary world and all his friends with him in the end) and linear nature of the game means that Eternal Sonata is not a game that most remember very fondly. It is, in some senses, a very traditional JRPG, but one with several memorable hooks that deserves to find an audience. Namco Bandai puts out like 8 Tales games every console generation; they could probably make one sequel to this, probably based on another composer. But in the meantime, JRPG fans have an incredibly slim selection on the Xbox One, so making games like this backwards compatible would be a great idea.

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