10 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games That Should Be Backwards Compatible

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#8. Bulletstorm

Much like Vanquish, Bulletstorm seemed like one of those games that should’ve turned the shooter genre on its head. It is an incredibly stylish and fun shooter that is a ridiculous send-up of the entire genre. In 99.9% of shooters, it is incredibly difficult to be creative with your kills. Maybe a cool headshot or something, but that’s about it. Bulletstorm encourages more creativity than any shooter before or after it because the more stylish your kill, the better the rewards. And that energy leash allows for an unprecedented amount of creativity.

Sadly, maybe Bulletstorm was just a little too on the nose for its own good. It certainly looked kind of generic at a glance, the humor and style wasn’t brought across very well in advertising from what I remember, and the humor could be hit and miss, especially in the early stages. Still, the style of gameplay present in Bulletstorm was really fun and unique, and since it might not get replicated anytime soon, it’d be nice to be able to pop in a copy on my Xbox One.

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