10 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games That Should Be Backwards Compatible

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de Blob 2

#9. de Blob 2

de Blob is one of many vastly overlooked Wii games that got buried amid a deluge of garbage shovelware. That it got a sequel was incredibly surprising at all, but THQ seemed to be making the right move for de Blob 2 by putting it out on pretty much every platform imaginable at the time. The game features incredibly fun platforming elements and uses colors in an incredibly cool and stylistic way. Sadly, there was pretty much no buzz for de Blob 2 to begin with (though that may have had something to do with THQ just barely hanging on at this point after some financial mishaps) and thus did not attract much of an audience at all. While there are some games that play around with the idea of color being integral to the gameplay, I feel like few do it as well as the de Blob series (sorry, Unfinished Swan fans). While the audience probably isn’t enough for another full game, maybe if this became backwards compatible on the Xbox One, it might get enough buzz for an indie spiritual successor or something.

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