10 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games That Should Be Backwards Compatible

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#10. Vanquish

Ask yourself if this sounds familiar. Platinum Games makes a weird awesome title that’s critically acclaimed but doesn’t sell well. That really is almost their entire catalog (thank god they keep getting work anyways), but Vanquish particularly stings because it feels like one of those games that really could’ve changed what we thought of as a shooter. I’m not saying modern shooters are boring, but as someone who hasn’t been into them for a long time, many of them start to look the same. Vanquish managed to turn that whole genre on its head by being faster, more hardcore in some ways, incorporating melee elements in a fun way that has been done in shooters before or since, etc. It also managed to incorporate a lot of very fun humor in a genre that’s sorely lacking in that and often taking itself far too seriously. Sadly, much like the Japanese crowd generally aren’t fans of western shooters, not many people picked up this anime-inspired Eastern shooter on the Xbox 360 or anywhere else. An HD remake or a sequel seems incredibly unlikely, so hopefully it will just randomly show up one day on the list.

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