10 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games That Should Be Backwards Compatible

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Xbox 360 is coming to an end. Here are ten overlooked games that should become backwards compatible on Xbox One!

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The Xbox 360 has stopped production. It will be awhile before the system is truly dead in the form of no longer being available brand new on store shelves and not being supported by Microsoft, but it truly is the beginning of the end for Microsoft’s massively successful console. And hey, you don’t have to hold on to a practically useless 360 anymore thanks to the magic of backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One! But on Microsoft systems especially, backwards compatibility has always been a seemingly very arbitrary thing. You never know what titles will be compatible when, and some never get that chance at all.

Which is a shame, because that is definitely a way for a game that was overlooked on the last generation to find a new audience. So with that in mind, I’m presenting ten Xbox 360 games I feel were very overlooked last generation that should be made backwards compatible with the Xbox One. To qualify for this list, these games did not have to be Xbox 360 exclusive, but cannot be playable on current consoles, either through backwards compatibility or an HD re-release. So without further ado, let’s get to the list!

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