7 Craziest Cards In Hearthstone Whispers Of The Old Gods

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Whispers of the Old Gods
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Yogg-saron isn’t only the craziest card in Whispers of the Old Gods; it’s probably the craziest card I’ve ever seen, period. Its 7/5 stats mean it isn’t viable for ten mana on its own for decks that don’t cast many spells, so the only reason to use it would be for its ridiculous Battlecry that’s just as likely to kill you as it is your opponent. I’ve seen Yogg wipe the board clean of minions, including itself; it can buff half the board and destroy the other half; it might freeze everything, or put a bunch of new cards into your hand, or just do a ton of direct damage to one or both heroes. There’s no way of knowing until you play it.

Yogg-saron is hilariously fun and satisfying to play, at least in Casual when there’s nothing at stake. He’s also not awful as a last-ditch try at salvaging a game gone bad. But there’s no way we’ll see this Old God as a viable part of any meta deck. And that’s okay! The glory of Yogg-saron will be in the hilarious YouTube videos that start surfacing. In fact, they already have.

My favorite moments are when the players end up using spells that force so many draws they kill themselves with Fatigue, or when their spells in some way disable or destroy Yogg himself. It makes me want to try Yogg in a deck, myself, if I can get ahold of one, just to see what sort of shenanigans I can create.

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