7 Craziest Cards In Hearthstone Whispers Of The Old Gods

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Whispers of the Old Gods
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Most of the new Shaman cards

Now, I may be just a little biased. I play Shaman decks even when Shaman decks aren’t cool, and the new Standard format plus Whispers cards buffed my deck considerably. In fact, Whispers of the Old Gods boasts several new Shaman cards that are just nutty. There’s the Eternal Sentinel, making Overload-heavy decks more viable by unlocking overloaded mana crystals. Then you have the Thing From Below, which is basically a free 5/5 with Taunt for anyone who ever uses their Hero Power. Flamewreathed Faceless has been discussed extensively–it’s a four mana cost, two overload 7/7 minion that’s a common and very easy to craft. My favorite, though, especially for Totem Shaman, is Evolve and, to a lesser degree, Master of Evolution.

Evolve spends one measly mana to evolve all your friendly minions into random minions that cost one mana more than they do. As a Shaman, you’re likely to have a fat pile of Totems on the board, and while Totems do have their uses, they’re nowhere near the most powerful two-cost minions you can have in play. Evolving a field full of Totems nets you an army of improved two-cost cards that have the potential to either be total wastes of time, or completely amazing. It’s a toss-up! Which is why Evolve is such a wild card.

Two warnings on using Evolve: first, if your minions are eligible to attack that turn, attack before you Evolve, as they’ll have to recover for a turn once you transform them. Second, Battlecries will *not* trigger when the minions Evolve, so be prepared for some unlucky evolutions with wasted abilities on occasion.

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