7 Craziest Cards In Hearthstone Whispers Of The Old Gods

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Whispers of the Old Gods
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Deathwing, Dragonlord

Dragon Priests, rejoice, because Deathwing is here with an insane finishing move…if you can get the set-up to pull it off. First, you need a lot of dragons, and you need them in your hand, not in inconvenient places like your deck or dead. They need to be good dragons, too, not fairly mediocre 2/1s, to make it worth summoning them over the 12/12 Deathwing. Then, you actually need to get the mana to play Deathwing. He’s a fairly powerful card in his own right simply by being a 12/12, but you can bet your opponent will use every resource in their arsenal to eliminate him and silence that Deathrattle.

So if you really want all the dragons, you’ve got to kill him on your own terms. Depending on your opponent’s strategy, they may be able to keep him at bay through tactics like freezing while searching for a counter to the Deathrattle, meaning they won’t kill him quickly or will disable it before they do. Auchenai Soulpriest (if you’re a Priest) or other damaging abilities such as those from Warlocks or Warriors can help you remove Deathy from the field after you’ve made use of his power, but again, you actually have to have the right cards in your deck and hand. He’s a 10-mana cost card, so you won’t be able to play anything else the turn you drop him, leaving him vulnerable to removal.

But if you can manage to lose your Deathwing without being thwarted by Silence you get a shot at summoning an army of dragons on the heels of a 12/12 legendary dragon to burn your opponent to a crisp. But it’s a darn risky and involved play, requiring lots of cards to support it. Perhaps someone will find a good Deathwing build as the meta evolves. But even if he flops, I’m sure we’ll see a handful of lucky, crazy moments where Deathwing blows opponents away with his dragon horde.

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