5 Options To Replace Dark Souls Gameplay

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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
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Dystopian Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk offers a wide variety of options, and even sets of rules, to guide its gameplay. Because of the moral and ethical quandaries facing the advancement of biometrics, the role of humanity in an automated world, military action in an era where killing others is optimized by technology advancements; any and all possible futures can be represented to impose rules and the boundaries of what works in the future. You can contextualize anything if the story is told properly, and From Software can do so and fit in the Dark Souls style of gameplay within it.

Take Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, for example. It follows the Metal Gear timeline within its overall narrative, with guns and armor to reflect the ongoing militarization of the private sector force. A cyberpunk Dark Souls game can make it so ranged guns and their effectiveness are restricted as to not break gameplay balance. Weapons can reflect the mix of past and future with lazer swords (!), mechanized armor, customization for the whole nine yards of flair and tell an interesting story that is filled with moral ambiguity.

Environmental variety works strongly here, as well. Depending on what kind of setting you could enforce, you can have fully realized cyber cities mixed in with lots of colorization. The blues, greens and reds of high-tech machinery and its settings will pop gorgeously if done correctly. How enemy, boss and faction design would work might need to be adjusted, but from narrative, gameplay and visual standpoint, Dark Souls in the dystopian future would be insane to play.

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