5 Options To Replace Dark Souls Gameplay

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Ming Dynasty China (13th-14th Century)

For the most part, the characters of Dark Souls are represented with demure clothing, rarely outshining what the protagonist can wear, themselves. Rags, simple cloth and basic colors are represented throughout. Not only would a game in the Ming Dynasty era of China work well for their setting, but gives From a chance to explore a wide array of character design even strictly considering clothing choices. The colors, styles and other choices NPCs could make in their clothing would add a certain flavor that we haven’t seen yet.

Furthermore, it would be the perfect counter offer should From Software not look into a historical Japanese representation, although mostly for the style of weaponry and what a special warrior would embody. The use of bows, lances, swords and shields are well represented, but armor carries a unique style and representation. You could use Chinese mythology to bring out demons and specters among living, breathing human enemies, while bosses can be represented by any of those factions.

Best of all, there aren’t that many titles that represent any part of the Ming Dynasty. Because of its lengthy period of time, you can position a Dark Souls type of story either at the beginning, middle, or end of the dynasty to show the struggles, victories or uncertainty of the region. Of course, its buildings that contrast with the lush greenery of the Chinese rural landscape provides various looks in and out of the major location hubs.

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