5 Options To Replace Dark Souls Gameplay

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Roman Empire

The possibilities that arise from using the people and mythology of ancient Rome and transposing it under a Dark Souls type of game are endless. Not only do you get to call upon the deities of the time, but they can be used in a number of different ways. Adaptations could be used as boss ideas, or used as backdrop or inspiration for the lore driven from item and weapon descriptions. NPC can reflect various members of the republic, presenting a plethora of differing viewpoints from those inside and outside of the know. The backdoor politicking angle could really play well within a city that acts as a central hub.

Furthermore, with the Roman Empire setting at hand, From Software are privy to some remarkable scenes of decadence. Previously, projecting grand meant large castles of incredible design in stature or environmental displays of beauty. In a Roman Empire Dark Souls game, the influx of marble, ivory, gigantic statues and glassware could provide towns, buildings, rooms and villas full of opulent design, befitting to the series’ representation of treasure and glittering gold.

The design of monsters and the undead would have to be refocused towards mythical creatures, but the Dark Souls formula could definitely work within this setting.

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