5 Options To Replace Dark Souls Gameplay

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With From Software moving on to a life beyond Dark Souls development, here are some suggestions for how to adapt that authentic gameplay style.

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Earlier this week, Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki talked to GNN Gamer in Japan (with translation help from NeoGAF) put into clearer words what so many had felt after playing Dark Souls 3; to the creator, Dark Souls is over.” That doesn’t rule out a return many years down the line to one of Miyazaki’s proteges, but it does mean that there will be no more sequels, spin-offs or anything of the like from the From Software president. They are already working on a brand new IP right now, and will put Dark Souls 3 as the current final chapter in the series.

While some may be ultimately destroyed that they won’t be able to explore the worlds of Lothric, Drangleic, Lordran and beyond in further exploration, I’ve already argued that the series has already found a perfect closing chapter with Dark Souls 3. Now that From Software has made their stance even clearer, just like they have, it’s time for the fans to move on.

However painful it is to realize the end, it’s even more fun to speculate about what is next. The “Souls” formula started with Demon’s Souls, and has since been adapted to two other series’. While “Dark” and Bloodborne have not strayed too far from the medieval fantasy path (although Bloodborne offers more of a Lovecraftian horror twist), there are plenty of different game settings or genre ideas that can work using the Dark Souls formula.

Here are just a few!

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