6 Wii U Games That Should Have Been

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If anything that doesn’t exist could have sold more Wii Us for Nintendo, it’s Metroid. The last entry was in 2010, I suppose, if you want to count Other M. Before that was Metroid Prime: Corruption in 2007. The Metroid series has long been one of the most celebrated–Samus keeps coming back to Smash Bros; it was played at the Nintendo World Championships; heck, there’s an entire game genre named after the style of the Metroid and Castlevania series, and people keep Kickstarting throwbacks to that style. Then there’s the outcry against Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which was the disappointing Samus-less entry no one asked for and Nintendo’s begging fans to love.

Perhaps a Wii U Metroid would have simply gone the way of Other M without that Metroidvania style since such a 2D view might have done a disservice to the Wii U’s capabilities. Or, it could have revitalized the series by finding beautiful and innovative ways to use the genre with the Gamepad, similar to how games like Kirby and the Rainbow Curse toyed with touchscreen platforming. Regardless of how it was implemented, this generation of systems needed a real Metroid that it never received. Samus has been ready for a new adventure for several years; perhaps she’ll finally see that adventure on the Nintendo NX.

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