6 Wii U Games That Should Have Been

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Seriously, why haven’t we had any F-Zero games in just about forever? The last F-Zero title was F-Zero: Climax in 2004. That’s 12 years ago, and that was only released in Japan! 2003 saw three F-Zero games–GX, AX, and GP-Legend. GX for GameCube was especially memorable, as it was the first F-Zero game to include a story mode, and was very well-received. So, what happened? Nintendo obviously loves F-Zero; they keep throwing Captain Falcon into Super Smash Bros.

F-Zero on the Wii U would have been a blast. It’s the thrill of racing without the random chance thrown into the mix from games like Mario Kart. The Gamepad could have the same functionality in F-Zero as it does in the Mario racer, allowing you to play off-TV or glance at a map of the course as needed. I could also see the Gamepad being used in customizing cars, allowing you to drag and drop parts in and out and change colors, logos, and designs for vehicles.

Nintendo has now missed both the Wii and the Wii U for F-Zero. Perhaps they will shift gears and bring the iconic racing series back on the NX.

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