6 Wii U Games That Should Have Been

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Pokemon Snap

Admittedly, the idea of Pokemon Snap getting a Wii U reboot was always a bit of a stretch, but the possibilities are too perfect not to include. The gyro controls on the Gamepad could have been used to control the camera as you looked around to get the perfect shot while the TV could be a basic view from your vehicle as you rolled along the track through various environments. With over 700+ Pokemon in existence now, there’d be no reason the game would run out of content as quickly as its original incarnation, and the Miiverse would have been perfect for sharing awesome photos with the world. With more buttons easily available on the Gamepad, more items could be added to the game’s progression, allowing for more secrets. Heck, what about taking a leaf from Star Fox’s book and including secret passages accessible in early levels later in the game that leads to new areas?

Pokemon Snap has always been one of those weird sleeper titles that could have been great had it been released at a different time. As one of the Wii U games, it might have had that chance, but unfortunately, it’s probably too late.

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