6 Wii U Games That Should Have Been

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The Wii U was a disappointing console full of missed opportunities. Several Wii U games that could have bolstered it never appeared.

The year-long wait ahead of us leading up to the NX seems even longer when you look at the desert of titles remaining for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS between now and then. In fact, you should consider the likelihood that you’ll want any of them if you are just going to trade in your system a few months later. The Wii U was a failed attempt at innovation in plenty of respects, one of which being how many opportunities for greatness it missed. For all the games that just flat-out didn’t work with the GamePad layout, there were several existing IPs that would have shone as Wii U games, had Nintendo given them a chance.

I’ve compiled a list of six Nintendo IPs that really should have had a game released on the Nintendo Wii U.

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