15 Must-Have Sports Apps

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UFC.TV app screenshot
UFC.TV app screenshot /


Of all the sports apps made available via streaming, there may not be a more comprehensive app at a fairer price point than the services offered by UFC.TV.

It doesn’t offer you access to pay-per-views live — that’s kind of the bread and butter for the UFC, so it’s a bit understandable that they aren’t basically giving those away via the UFC.TV service — but it offers pretty much everything else under the sun.

For those who subscribe to the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Fight Pass ($10 a month or $95.88 annually), they get access to live events, specials and interviews as well as a comprehensive library of UFC, PRIDE, WEC, and Strikeforce fights. That’s an incredible amount of content for a more than fair price either monthly or annually. It would be easy to get lost among the hours upon hours of content that the UFC provides through this app.

UFC’s Fight Pass would be the best bargain among sports apps if it weren’t for …

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