15 Must-Have Sports Apps

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Tennis Channel Everywhere app screenshot
Tennis Channel Everywhere app screenshot /

Tennis Channel Everywhere

Like soccer fans, tennis fans can find it a bit difficult to find coverage of their favorite sport outside of the four major tournaments each year and perhaps a few late night showings on one of ESPN’s less-cared-about affiliate networks like ESPN 27 (it’s coming, just you wait).

But with the Tennis Channel Everywhere app, users get totally unprecedented access to their favorite sport. Unfortunately, you’ll need a subscription to U-Verse, Cox, Dish, DirecTV or FiOS Cable to be able to watch live streaming matches on the Tennis Channel, but a separate $70 annual subscription (or $10 a month) serves up access to more than 45 extra tournaments.

If you’re willing to shell out for complete access, there is no better way to view the most amount of matches possible than through the Tennis Channel. I’m not sure what fans of the sport did before streaming devices, but it’s hard to imagine that fans don’t prefer this method by leaps and bounds.

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