The 10 Best Villagers In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Animal Crossing New Leaf
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3 – Cherry

Personality: Uchi

Catchphrase: “what what”

Why she’s great: Look, I try not to judge people, or Animal Crossing characters, based on their appearances. When Cherry moved in, I tried not to assume that she was a shadowy creature based on her sly look, spiderweb shirt, and dark house design. And for awhile, Cherry seemed sweet as pie. But then things started to get odd.

First, she started putting in public works requests for odd items: a firepit, a ritual stone, a pyramid, a totem pole. Then, I watched her get into a fight with Vic, a local cow. The two had it out in the middle of the town, then went their separate ways, still mad. The next day, Vic approached me, asking me to return an item to Cherry, because he was scared to do it himself. I did as he asked, and things seemed fine for a few days. Then, suddenly and mysteriously, Vic moved out without even a goodbye. The next day, Cherry sent me a letter with a gift inside. The gift was a cow skull.

Cherry is definitely not the nicest villager. Or the funniest. But she’s by far the most bizarre and mysterious, so she makes the list near the top. You’re guaranteed a weird story if Cherry moves into your town. Just uh, maybe ask the cow characters to steer clear.

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