The 10 Best Villagers In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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8 – Kid Cat

Personality: Jock

Catchphrase: “psst”

Why he’s great: You know Animal Crossing is a great game because a literal Power Ranger cat can move into your village and no one bats an eye. Kid Cat may be classified as a “jock”, but I doubt this feline exercises because he thinks it’s fun. He has to stay in shape to fight crime. He’s probably some secret agent, hence why he’s always speaking in whispers. In fact, look at that helmet. He’s the Number 1 secret agent! The cream of the crop! He’s obviously living in our town (along with the other members of his squad, such as Agent S) because there’s some dastardly plot cooking in the area, and it’s up to him to save the village–no, the world! Though maybe someone should tell him that if he wants to remain secretive, the best strategy isn’t to wear his bright red power suit around town in broad daylight.

His room resembles a very hastily put together secret lair, complete with exercise equipment (again, for his super secret training) and dramatic superhero music playing in the background. Though Kid Cat may seem odd, even pushy, at times, it’s important to show him proper respect. He’s the reason our village is crime-free, and that shady, scammer types like Redd are so rare.

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