7 Hidden Stardew Valley Secrets And Easter Eggs

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Stardew Valley Hidden Statues
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Three Hidden Statues

While all of the secrets we’ve found so far have fit neatly into their niches within Stardew Valley, this last one is just out there. Three useless, awkward, and yet fascinating decorative statues are hidden about Pelican Town for good hunters to track down, and their adorable weirdness more than makes up for the difficulty in finding them. You’ll notice the weirdness in their names immediately: ??Pinky Lemon??, ??HMTGF??, and ??Foroguemon??.

Each statue is obtained by placing a specific item into a hidden box at a certain location in town. ??Pinky Lemon?? is gained by offering a Duck Mayonaise to the box in the saloon’s storage room. You can get ??HMTGF?? by giving a Super Cucumber to the box in the hidden, fenced-off area north of the blacksmith’s, and ??Foroguemon?? is obtained with a Strange Bun and the toybox in Vincent’s room.


Mr. Kat

does an excellent job of demonstrating acquiring all three:

Each statue looks like a weird muppet and can be placed anywhere a normal decorative item can go, but they don’t have any known use just yet. It is speculated that there are even more of these hidden statues in the game, or yet to be implemented, as there are a few other similar, but un-interactable boxes around town. Not all of these statues were available in the original build of the game, which means they were added in a more recent patch. And since ConcernedApe is constantly updating the game, we may see more of these statues implemented soon. Perhaps if one could collect all the weird statues, something wonderful (or downright silly) might happen?

For now, I’ll enjoy my ??Pinky Lemon?? as a particularly unusual lawn ornament. Crows, beware!