7 Hidden Stardew Valley Secrets And Easter Eggs

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Stardew Valley Skull Caves
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Sinister Skull Caves

Done with the mines? Need more Iridium for the latest batch of sprinklers? You’re likely ready to dive deep into the Skull Cave, an even more difficult dungeon than the Mines with stronger enemies and no elevator, but with greater rewards the deeper you go. While the prizes are rich for those who dig down, it’s worth stopping to check out the scenery. Particularly if you’re into cyphers.

On the walls of Skull Cave, you may see plaques like the one in the images above. Most people wouldn’t think anything of these, as the symbols are so vague and blurry that it couldn’t possibly say anything useful, right? Well, a group of clever Redditors have translated the plaques in Skull Cave purely based on the positioning of the pixels, and some really clever language work. Here’s what they came up with:

“We are cursed. Too much Iridium.”

“Wizard sealed us in this prison until the day a hero puts us to rest.”

That got dark quickly. The monsters were sealed in Skull Cave by Wizard due to a curse brought about by Iridium, and their only hope of “escape” is for a hero to slay them? This is even more depressing if you’ve met Krobus in the sewers, and know that not all monsters want to tear you to bits. And since the Skull Caves just go on forever until you die or escape, there doesn’t seem to be any home for the iridium-cursed brigades of enemies in the deep. They’ll all just fall to your Galaxy Sword, sooner or later.

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