7 Hidden Stardew Valley Secrets And Easter Eggs

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Stardew Valley Best Sword
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The Galaxy Sword

You’re not spending all your time farming and fishing, though, are you? There’s adventure to be had! Brave explorers will take sword in hand and work to clear out the mines north of town. The mines are full of monsters aiming to put a stop to your daring-do, but there are great rewards in the form of artifacts, ore, gems, and more for those who brave the deep. You’ll need some decent equipment to dispatch your foes properly, so why not track down the best sword in the game?

You’ll need to find all four Dwarven Scrolls in the Mines, first. Turn them all in at the Museum to learn to speak Dwarvish, enabling you to translate the tombstone in the village square. A rhyme will tell you to “Stand between the pillars three/With gift as precious as the sky:/A rainbow forged from land, not sea/Then galaxies will heed your cry.” The rainbow is a Prismatic Shard, obtainable from Iridium veins if you can find them. Once you have it, take the bus to the desert and stand between the three pillars with the Prismatic Shard to receive the Galaxy Sword, the best weapon in the game. And good news! A new patch has made it impossible to lose the Galaxy Sword on death once you’ve found it, so prepare for some serious Iridium hunting in those Skull Caves now that you have a proper serpent-slaying weapon.

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