7 Hidden Stardew Valley Secrets And Easter Eggs

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Stardew Valley Map Secret
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The Lonely Stone

You’ll likely spend your first season or so in Stardew Valley getting lost. Although the valley quickly becomes familiar as you pace through the town with your daily gifts of flowers and parsnips, the map will come in handy in the early stages when you’re still trying to figure out exactly where 1 Willow Lane happens to be. After the first in-game month, though, few players will find a reason to check their handy geographic guides, which is why strange spots such as the Lonely Stone might get overlooked.

The Lonely Stone is a location at the bottom of the map, south of the fishing shack. The map itself puts the location southeast of the docks on the beach, and clicking on that spot on the map makes a “stone breaking” noise. And yet, there’s nothing there at all. No Lonely Stone. There is a largish rock in the water to the east of the docks (north of where the map puts the Lonely Stone), but the game includes no obvious way to interact with it. Fishing on top of the rock does nothing (I tried), and there’s just…nothing of interest there.

And yet it’s specifically noted on the map, and the large rock to the east of the dock itself is a unique enough landmark that it might be there for some reason. Even though casting your line at the rock repeatedly does nothing, perhaps someone will find a way to make this poor Lonely Stone feel a bit less lonely.

CAUTION: Content beyond this slide could be considered spoilers for the lore of Stardew Valley. Click onward at your own risk!

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