7 Hidden Stardew Valley Secrets And Easter Eggs

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Stardew Valley - Yoba
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Praise Yoba!

In Stardew Valley, a strange balance between science, nature, and spiritualism exists that you’d think more of the locals would find confusing. Along with all the strange happenings listed above and a known wizard living just down the road, several of the villagers worship a deity named Yoba, who allegedly created the world and the valley, and is revered by humans and monsters alike. This God has a shrine in the local general store where the townspeople come to pray every Sunday. But aside from fulfilling the role of titular deity in the game, Yoba doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose. And yet, datamining reveals that at one point, Yoba was useful for exactly one thing.

Reddit user PenguinTod discovered an item in the code called the Wand, which could be powered up via Yoba’s altar into a magical “return home” item. Unfortunately, though, it seems that having an instant return was far too powerful for the game’s pacing, and the wand was removed. In its place, you can craft totems to warp you from one end of the valley to another, but those totems are one-time-use only. A void exists where Yoba’s Wand once was, and the god or goddess of Stardew Valley remains elusive and out of the way. Perhaps that’s how he’s meant to be.

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