7 Hidden Stardew Valley Secrets And Easter Eggs

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ConcernedApe easter egg
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ConcernedApe-related easter eggs

Part of the charm of Stardew Valley lies in Eric Barone (aka ConcernedApe), sole developer of the game and a kind soul when it comes to tech support. Not only are his responses prompt and helpful when dealing with bugs, but the man knows how to laugh at himself. There are a few goofy easter eggs related to the dev lurking in the game, and all of them are fairly easy to find.

The first is on the loading screen. You’ll see “Developed by ConcernedApe” and a picture of a…well, concerned-looking ape. Click on the dev’s self-portrait for a goofy sound effect and reaction. The next time you load up the game, Mr. Ape won’t be wearing his sunglasses anymore. Oh, and since we’re looking at the intro, try rapidly clicking the “E” in Stardew Valley on the title screen for an out-of-this-world surprise!

When you start the game and create a character, you’ll be prompted to enter your “Favorite Thing”. This answer’s only known use is as a descriptor of a very special item you’ll encounter as you complete objectives in the game–the Stardrop. With each Stardrop consumed, flavor text will announce that your mind is filled with thoughts of whatever your “Favorite Thing” happened to be. But, just for fun, try entering “ConcernedApe” as your favorite thing. Next time you acquire a Stardrop, the item text will sheepishly thank you for the awkward nod to the creator.

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